Use R8TER to get free website traffic!

27 June 2020


When a page is added to R8TER, users can click to visit your full site. This means R8TER delivers free website traffic, which can only be a good thing!

As you know from SEO and PPC, getting traffic to your site is an expensive business these days!  By adding your site to R8TER, it'll be found in your niche and users will visit your site to find out more.

Add your site to Get your free website traffic

Once you have registered on R8TER here, you can immediately add your page and choose what category it belongs to.  For example, if you are an accountant or financial advisor you would choose "Financial services or products".

Your page will then appear in the list of web sites under the "Discover" section of R8TER.

We promote your site for free via social media

After adding your page the R8TER team will send it out via social media*.  This is another way you will receive free traffic to your site and there is no charge for this!

Your site remains on R8TER - period!

You page remains on R8TER as a listing so you'll continue to enjoy free visitors to your website.  It remains in place for future visitors - completely free of charge.

* We will try to share every page via social media, but in busy times we may one and we don't guarantee that we can share every single page added to R8TER.

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